Paying attention to your period is important. If you don’t you could be ignoring a potentially serious bleeding disorder. New apps are changing the way we approach menstruation. There are now many convenient ways to measure and track your period with technology. Here are a few of our favourite menstruation apps and why they work. It’s important to mention that they’re all free of charge to use.


Named the top menstrual cycle tracking app by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), Clue lets you enter data about your period, pain, mood, fluid, sexual activity and even add personal notes. It is designed to change the way we all talk about periods and encourages you to share information with your family, friends and partners. Clue helps you track and measure menstruation, fertility and even plan effective birth control. This app is a great pick for women who are planning for pregnancy, or just keeping an eye on their cycle.


Period Tracker

Period Tracker is an app that helps you easily and accurately track your menstrual cycle. All you do is press a button at the start of your period each month – Period Tracker calculates the average length of your past three menstrual cycles to better predict the start date of your next period. Once three months have been logged, you can predict your future period dates, calculate your ovulation days and fertile days, and even predict your moods and symptoms in a month-view calendar. The app also lets you take notes on your moods, symptoms, and intimacy.


Sisterhood App

The Blood Sisterhood App is designed specifically for women with bleeding disorders. Not only does it help you easily track your period, but it allows you to share logs with your healthcare provider (data can be easily exported as a CSV file and sent directly to your doctor). You can use the app to identify pain areas or possible muscle and joint bleeds, and even document the outcome of your bleeding disorder treatments and medications.


The app provides colourful charts and reports, on which you can highlight dates on the calendar as a reminder to discuss any abnormalities with your physician. If you experience a lot of pain in your cycle, you can use the app to record your pain level using the Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale. You can also create alert reminders to prompt you to take your medication.  


Before choosing an app like one of the apps outlined above, it’s important to accurately assess your needs. Finding an app tailored to your needs is idea. If you are unsure whether or not your bleeding is normal, start with a Self-BAT test and talk to your doctor.

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