Let's Talk Period - The Biggest Learnings From the Self-BAT

The Biggest Learnings From the Self-BAT

The secret is out! The Self-BAT is making its way around the world – both physically and online. Thanks to Let’s Talk Period’s high school outreach program, our social media outreach efforts, and talks delivered by Dr. Paula James, the Self-BAT has gained international attention and use.



If you’re new to our website, you might not know what the Self-BAT is. Put simply, it is a self-administered bleeding assessment tool. People use the Self-BAT to assess if their bleeding is “normal” or “abnormal” (heavy etc.) and even to screen themselves for the most common inherited bleeding disorder, von Willebrand disease.



Many people across the globe have undiagnosed bleeding disorders. Untreated bleeding disorders can lead to important complications. For many women around the world, bleeding issues are rarely discussed openly due to social stigma. This makes it easy for abnormalities to slip under the radar.

At Let’s Talk Period we are determined to start a global conversation about bleeding and help people around the world determine if they have abnormal bleeding with the Self-BAT tool we developed.



Many people around the world have tested if their bleeding is “normal” with the Self-BAT and the results are very interesting. Here they are at a glance:

  • A total of 2,165 people have taken the Self-BAT since it was created
  • Of those 2,165 people, 1,250 (58%) have had abnormal scores
  • The Let’s Talk Period website has been visited by people in 109 countries!
  • Of those 109 countries, the top 10 countries by user are:
    1. Canada
    2. USA
    3. UK
    4. Australia
    5. Ireland
    6. Russia
    7. India
    8. Germany
    9. Netherlands
    10. Brazil

The map above demonstrates these results – countries that are a darker pink indicate a higher instance of engagement with the Self-BAT.

We’re so pleased that news of the Self-BAT is spreading and that people around the world are benefitting from it. Let’s keep the conversation about bleeding going!

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