Spreading The Word at Medical Grand Rounds

Spreading The Word at Medical Grand Rounds

Bleeding disorders affect as many as 35,000 Canadians. However, most of the individuals who are affected don’t have the information they need to identify the signs and symptoms. One of the central aims of Let’s Talk Period is to start conversations, spread awareness, and provide resources for those suffering from bleeding disorders.

Dr. Paula James and her team are looking to speak with more than just patients. It’s also important to share this information with other medical professionals and let them know about the ways in which online tests like the Self-BAT are implemented and shared.

Recently, Dr. James presented Let’s Talk Period at Medical Grand Rounds, a weekly gathering where Physicians in the Department of Medicine at Queen’s University present to their colleagues about the work they have been doing.

Dr. James is recognized in her department as one of the first to use an initiative like Let’s Talk Period in order to engage and educate the public, and provide a validated tool for Self-Assessment of a medical condition with the Self-BAT test located on her website.

Her presentation included the background of what led to the idea of the website, the phases of development, what was involved to get the site up and running, and the impact of the website to date, both locally and globally.

Those in attendance were excited to see how her research would progress over the next few years. It was interesting to hear some ideas for the future of research studies involving the website, with its ability to reach out and connect with so many individuals around the world. This program has some exciting potential.

Some in the Department of Medicine seemed inspired by her innovative approach. Several questions were asked that indicated others were thinking about how they could either apply a similar approach to their own areas of expertise or use the Self-BAT with patients in their own practice.

Clearly, the Let’s Talk Period campaign continues to be an effective way of providing valuable information to everyone looking to increase his or her knowledge of Inherited Bleeding Disorders!

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