We’re Coming to Your School!

Let’s Talk Period has a new high school outreach program designed to create an open learning environment and stimulate conversations. We will help to facilitate an open discussion about the genetics of inherited bleeding disorders with grade 11 biology students through a presentation and a microscope activity presented by blood researchers. This presentation will help students better understand genetics and bleeding.


The presentation will take one class period. Topics covered will be:

  • Blood
  • Hemophilia symptoms and treatment
  • Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) symptoms and treatment
  • Patterns of inheritance
  • Self-BAT (self-administered bleeding assessment tool)

The presentation will feature a factual Powerpoint, and students will engage with a microscope activity and trivia to test their knowledge.

Let’s Talk Period’s goal is to provide a safe space for students to learn in an interactive way, while also empowering additional thought and discussion about genetics and bleeding. The Self-BAT was designed so you can assess yourself and better understand current or previous bleeding episodes.


To learn more or to continue the conversation, please get in touch with us by writing to us at the bottom of our website homepage. Join our communities on Facebook and Instagram to get regular information about bleeding disorders and help other women be empowered by this knowledge.