Let's Talk Period at the Coderouge 2018 Conference!

Let’s Talk Period at the Coderouge 2018 Conference!

At the beginning of June, Paula James presented Let’s Talk Period at the Coderouge 2018 Conference in Quebec City, Quebec. This was the 2nd Canadian conference on bleeding disorders in women which included attendees from across the country.  

Her talk entitled “Bleeding assessment tools in caring for women with bleeding disorders – What’s new for patients and clinicians?” was just one of many expert-given talks in the day long symposium for people involved in caring for women with inherited bleeding disorders in Canada (physicians, nurses, physiotherapists) and for patient representatives from a variety of Canadian Hemophilia Society chapters.

Her presentation included a general outline of the Let’s Talk Period website and Self-Administered Bleeding Assessment Tool as well as information on the high school outreach program currently ongoing.

Presentation of Let’s Talk Period always generates discussion at these meetings, as the popularity of the site (35,189 page views to date from 128 countries) and use of the Self-BAT (3,352 taken to date) and the research projects that have come out of this initiative seem to spark much interest in the audience.

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