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Let’s Talk Period at the Women's Wellness Conference

Let’s Talk Period at the Women’s Wellness Conference

As a speaker, Dr. Paula James has been able to discuss Let’s Talk Period at several conferences. In May, Dr. Paula James spoke at the 2017 Canadian Hemophilia Society Toronto Rendezvous, where she gave a talk entitled What Can We Learn by …Read More
Von Willebrand Disease in the Media

Von Willebrand Disease in the Media

Let’s Talk Period aims to raise awareness about bleeding disorders, and we often have many discussions amongst our team about how information is disseminated and if people are getting the details they need to know what to look out for in …Read More
Let's Talk Period - The Biggest Learnings From the Self-BAT

The Biggest Learnings From the Self-BAT

The secret is out! The Self-BAT is making its way around the world - both physically and online. Thanks to Let’s Talk Period’s high school outreach program, our social media outreach efforts, and talks delivered by Dr. Paula James, the …Read More

The Story Behind Our Name

Today, we’re talking to Malak, who worked with Let’s Talk Period founder Dr. Paula James at Queen’s University in the summer of 2013 as part of a research project. At the time, Malak was an undergraduate life science student at the Un …Read More

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