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Let's Talk Period at the Kingston General Hospital Expo!

Let’s Talk Period at the Kingston General Hospital Expo!

Lisa Thibeault, a nurse with the South Eastern Ontario Inherited Bleeding Disorders Clinic, was recently invited to showcase the Let’s Talk Period initiative at the Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s 2018 Community Showcase & Interpr …Read More

Perspectives From a Gynecologist: An Interview with Dr. Mary Anne Jamieson!

Dr. Mary Anne Jamieson works alongside Dr. Paula James at Kingston General Hospital’s monthly Women and Bleeding Disorders Clinic, a combined clinic where our female patients struggling with heavy menstrual bleed can see hematology and gy …Read More
Spreading The Word at Medical Grand Rounds

Spreading The Word at Medical Grand Rounds

Bleeding disorders affect as many as 35,000 Canadians. However, most of the individuals who are affected don’t have the information they need to identify the signs and symptoms. One of the central aims of Let’s Talk Period is to start c …Read More

How Let’s Talk Period Can Give You Answers

We at Let’s Talk Period recognize that experiencing abnormal or excessive bleeding feels life-consuming for many women. Unfortunately, it’s not a widely discussed topic, leaving the women who suffer feeling alone and unsure of their opt …Read More

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