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Periods and Other Perplexing Situations

Who first taught you about what’s normal when it comes to your period? For many women, the answer is ‘no one’ - we often learn through experience alone. Menstruation is a normal bodily function, but unfortunately still remains a taboo …Read More

How the Self-BAT Started

Meghan Engbretson is an Auditor in the Office of Compliance and Oversight for the Canadian Cancer Trials Group at Queen's University. While completing her Masters Degree at Queen’s, Meghan undertook a clinical project with Dr. Paula James …Read More

The Let’s Talk Period high school program is underway!

Bleeding disorders are still not common knowledge even though they affect a large number of people- both men and women. This is the reason behind our new high school outreach program. We recently visited a grade 11 class at local high schoo …Read More

We’re Coming to Your School!

Let’s Talk Period has a new high school outreach program designed to create an open learning environment and stimulate conversations. We will help to facilitate an open discussion about the genetics of inherited bleeding disorders with gr …Read More

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