2018 - A Year in Review!

2018 – A Year in Review!

2018 has been a great year for the Self-BAT and Let’s Talk Period! The team has been very busy spreading the word about the Self-BAT and the issue of undiagnosed inherited bleeding disorders. We’re continuing the work to make sure our patients get the help they need and deserve!

Let’s recap some of the highlights:

Dr. Paula James was awarded the honour of the Best Medicine Grand Rounds Presentation by Queen’s University Department of Medicine for her talk “Let’s Talk Period: Women and Bleeding Disorders.” She was invited to repeat this presentation at the University of Ottawa.

Dr. James also presented at the CodeRouge Conference in Quebec City, the second Canadian conference on bleeding disorders in women.

Lisa Thibeault, our nurse coordinator, presented Let’s Talk Period at the Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s 2018 Community Showcase & Interprofessional Expo (the KHS Expo) in January. Lisa also presented our initiative at the World Federation of Hemophilia Congress in Glasgow. Additionally, Lisa remains very involved with the high school outreach program which has continued with great success in 2018!

Lubnaa Hossenbaccus, an Undergraduate student from Queen’s, presented her work and findings with the Let’s Talk Period high school outreach program at the 12th annual Queen’s Undergraduate Research Conference (also known as I@Q) in March. Lubnaa is currently busy at work discovering exciting new ways to expand this program for the new year!

Julie Grabell, our research coordinator, presented data on how the Self-BAT impacted the number of referrals at Dr. James’ hematology clinic during the World Federation of Hemophilia Congress. Julie has also remained involved in the high school outreach program.

A big one for us: Let’s Talk Period launched the Self-BAT in French with support from the Canadian Hemophilia Society. This was a major step in getting the test accessible to more users!

Ending on an exciting note, we had our first giveaway when Let’s Talk Period partnered with Lucky Iron Fish! A lucky winner was able to take a fish of their own home to start cooking!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our followers for their support in 2018 and wish everyone the best for a wonderful year in 2019!

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